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webCOMAND 3.7.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.7.0 makes it faster and easier to add links and improves PHP 8 compatibility.

Rich Text Editor Links

It is now faster and easier to add links to web pages, anchors, emails and phone numbers.

Learn how to use the improved Link Dialog from Rich Text Links in the Docs.

Other Improvements for Users

  • Files App Links - Share links directly to a file or folder in the Files App.
  • Notifications & Tasks Sidebar Fixes - The Notifications & Tasks sidebar no longer displays "undefined" for a system tasks that runs quickly while opened, and system tasks that displays hundreds of logged event quickly will no longer cause disconnect and reconnect to the web socket.
  • Delete All Variants Fixed - The option to delete all variants of an object no longer worked in the previous release.  This is now resolved.
  • Cut and Link Variants Fixed - Cut and link variants operation no longer worked in the previous release.  This is now resolved.
  • Batch Edit List Reference Drop-Down Fixed - It is now possible to select multiple items for list reference field when batch editing content.
  • Rich Text Editor Image Authorizations - Authorization to content type templates is no longer required for a user to see images in the Rich Text Editor Image Dialog.
  • Delete Authorizations Improved - Users authorized to delete content, but not authorized to unlink content they reference are now able to delete the content.  Previously unlink authorization was also required, which was too strict for these "weak relationships".  Delete authorization is still required for embedded fields, which are "strong relationships".  This should help eliminate cases where a user cannot delete content it seems like they are authorized to delete.
  • System Task Improvements - Hover over a relative task start time (e.g. "1 hour ago") of a task in the Notifications & Tasks sidebar to reveal the actual start time (e.g. "11:00:45am").  It is now also possible to open a System Task record from the new option action in the Notifications & Tasks sidebar.  From there, System Task details can be inspected further, and modified or removed by authorized users.
  • Timestamp Field Fix - When a Timestamp field value is cleared and saved/approved quickly, a corrupt value used to appear in the field.  This is now fixed.

Improvements for Developers

  • PHP 8 Compatibility - PHP code has been updated for PHP 8 compatibility, including type hinting, and native type support, without breaking backward-compatibility with PHP 7.
  • #LINK cPath Publications - #LINK() has been improved to recognized cPath for the third parameter (Publication).  For more information, see #LINK().
  • New Email Filter Rules - Email configuration to filter and redirect outgoing emails based on a set of rules.  For more information, see Mail Configuration Filters.
  • Improved Dimensional Queries - Improve performance and resolve issues with dimensional queries.
  • Fixed cPath UUID() Processing - Fixed issue processing UUID() functions from the cPath bar in cPath Views.
  • Open Objects in Form View - Fixed issue that caused objects to open in Grid View instead of Form View, when a custom SELECT clause was in the cPath.
  • cObject Native Types - Content records are now populated in memory from the database with values cast to their native defined types. For example, Number fields will be cast to PHP ints, and Checkbox field to booleans.
  • View End Point - The webCOMAND view end points have been improved with more consistent options, caching and more authorization options.  For more information, see webCOMAND End Points.
  • Improved reCAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA features in the Sites Framework has been refined resulting in cleaner code.
  • Package Write Files Option - A new "Write Files" checkbox has been added to Packages in the repository.  When checked, Files in the package will be added and updated in the file system automatically.  For more information, see Packages & Products.
  • Content Type All Fields Fix - The All Fields property is now updated automatically for content types that inherit fields from a another content type that is updated.
  • Email Queue PHPMailer Attachments Fix - An issue has been fixed that prevented email attachments from being sent when the PHPMailer adapter was used to send emails via an Email Queue.

Improvements for Administrators

  • Improved Diagnose - More repository issues are detected and resolved.
  • SSL Management - New SSL CLI tools and Scheduled Tasks to manage and renew SSL certificates.  A new configuration option is also available to adjust how SSL certificates are updated for a particular account.  Either add/remove hostnames as they are updated, or review and apply all configured hostnames whenever there is a change.
  • Deprecated Code Detection - webCOMAND upgrades now warn when calls to deprecated API methods are discovered in custom package code.
  • Duplicate Daemon Detection - When two webCOMAND daemons are running, the older daemon will automatically exit.
  • Scheduled Task Improvements - When a Scheduled Task's Email field is filled out, only those specified email address(es) will be emailed, instead of also always emailing the Scheduled Task User, which was often not desirable.  Scheduled Task summaries are also no descriptive and include the Status if not active.
  • System Task Email Alert Improvements - Emails now include the webCOMAND version number and make the hostname and System Task more prominent and links, so it is easier to debug issues.
  • New Optional Server Configuration - A per-server configuration file (/etc/webcomand/config.php) is now loaded last when it exists, to make it easier to set per server configuration options that can be syncronized to a fail-over or backup server while keeping other configuration options unique per server.

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