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webCOMAND 3.8.0 Released

webCOMAND 3.8.0 improves email features, CSV import/export and API authorization options.

Email Improvements

Major improvements to email support within webCOMAND, including an API to access IMAP mailboxes, enhanced Email Queuing features, and more configurable email filtering to enable fine-grain test environments and protections.

CSV Export/Import Improvements

Improved handling of reference fields in CSV data exports, and more robust disambiguation for content imported from CSV data.

API App Authorizations

Improved authorizations granularity for the API app.

New cQL Functions

The following cQL functions have been added for more flexibility and to improve SQL and MySQL compatibility.


Unit Testing Components

Simplified core utility classes, internal code supporting simpler development of unit tests and test cases, updated PHPUnit in the continuous integration environment.

Additional Updates

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fix issue that could cause an error when the Active field was selected from Batch Edit on a User record.
  • Fix character encoding issue when importing a CSV export that contained non-breaking spaces.
  • Fix issue that could occur when multiple Publication Settings were defined for different Publications for the same Publication.
  • Fix issue that could cause a Scheduled Task start time to be missed for certain complex schedules.
  • Fix Let's Encrypt SSL integration issue that could cause a certificate renewal process to sleep for a random amount of time.
  • Fix issue in Rich Text Editor that could cause double-quotes to be incorrectly encoded with " in some cases.
  • Fix issue where CSV imports did not always honor UUIDs as primary matching method when present.

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