Our Story

Built on a history of content management, database design, software development, integrations and business process automation.

Our Experience

Our team has years of practical experience working together on a wide variety of projects, from simple websites to mission-critical web applications with complex workflows, large global teams, many integration points and strict compliance requirements.  Building and supporting these projects long-term helped us design, build and refine a powerful toolbox with the flexibility required to implement real-world projects and their many custom requirements.

The Platform

webCOMAND is the culmination of all of our experience in the form of a cloud hosted platform that you can use to efficiently build, deploy, support and evolve real-world digital productions.  You can call it a "back-end-in-a-box", or even WaaS (Wisdom as a Service).

The Team

Mitch Bechtel

Chief Executive Officer

Mitch created webCOMAND in 1999 and has over 20 years of software development experience, with a focus on content management, database architecture and web applications.  He has overseen over 100 website and web application projects for organizations including University of California, San Francisco, Delaware North Companies and UNICEF of the United Nations.

Cathy Burley

Chief Technology Officer

Cathy joined the webCOMAND team in 2013 and has since been its lead developer, bringing new webCOMAND features to maturity for its version 3.0 release and beyond.  Cathy has over 10 years of experience in building scalable web and software as a service solutions for stakeholders including the United States federal government and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Craig McIntosh

Senior Full Stack Developer

Craig has years of experience implementing websites and apps in webCOMAND for organizations in industries including finance, professional services, security, transportation and many more.  He has also contributed significant new features and improvements to the webCOMAND platform.

John Lockwood

Software Engineer

John is responsible for the implementation of webCOMAND's query, script and template languages, including cQL, cPath, cQuery, cScript and cTemplate.

Steve Sipes

Systems Administrator

Steve is in charge of our cloud infrastructure, which includes managing and monitoring servers and network gear across multiple data centers to ensure everything is always online and secure.


Director of Greeting

Hazel is a natural born greeter.  Her wags bring a smile to the team and all who visit our office.