framework Configuration

The framework configuration options can be used to customize the webCOMAND Interface.

  • login_policy - The cPath to or Identifier of the Login Policy to use for the webCOMAND Sign In.  Default is "webCOMANDLogin".
  • login_disabled - Disable login and optionally display a custom message or web page.  Default is FALSE.  The value may be one of the following.
    • TRUE - Display the default disabled login message.
    • Message - Display a custom message.
    • URL - Redirect to a custom URL.
  • max_upload_size - Maximum number of bytes to allow for file upload fields, assuming the following values are at least as large.  Default is 67108864 (64 MB).  The value actually used will be the smallest of:
    • this framework configuration option
    • PHP post_max_size (php.ini)
    • PHP upload_max_filesize (php.ini)
    • MySQL max_allowed_packet (my.cnf)
  • upload_path - Fully qualified path to where uploads should be temporarily stored, before they are processed and removed by webCOMAND.  Default is system/uploads under the webCOMAND home folder.  The path can utilize the predefined constants:
    • COMAND_HOME - The path where webCOMAND was install, which contains comand.php.
    • DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR - The OS-specific directory separator (ie. '\' on Windows, and '/' on all others).


To override defaults, add the following section to the COMAND Package Configuration.

 * COMAND Configuration.
$config = [
    'com_webcomand' => [
        'framework' => [
            'login_disabled' => 'System temporarily down for maintenance.',
            'max_upload_size' => 134217728 // 128 MB